How Much Does an RRB JE Make? Salaries, Perks and Benefits

The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) is governed by the Ministry of Railways, Government of India, and falls under the Railway Recruitment Control Board (RRCB). RRB is in charge of hiring people for Group C and D technical and non-technical positions. A Junior Engineer (JE) position is a railway Group C position. The RRB JE test administered by the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) is one of the most difficult in the country. Candidates are frequently drawn to the RRB JE test positions offered because of the rich compensation and, more importantly, the generous benefits and privileges that RRB JE workers enjoy. We look at how much a Railway Recruitment Board – Junior Engineer (RRB-JE) makes, as well as their jobs and responsibilities and the skills and certifications needed to become one.

RRB JE: What Is It?

Because the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) recruits Junior Engineers, they refer to this post as RRB JE (JE). For Indian Railways, it is a management post with crucial responsibilities. They maintain the railroad tracks, signalling, train cars, electrical systems, engines, stations, and other buildings of the railway. They are responsible for planning new projects that fall within their jurisdiction, preparing the necessary financial reports, and overseeing their correct execution. Because of how their combined efforts result in the efficient and successful running of the whole railway network, people view it as a significant position.

Why is RRB JE a popular job?

Candidates with engineering experience, strong judgement, and physical fitness are most suited for the RRB JE position. Prospective candidates are drawn to the JE position by its pay, benefits, and extras. Other factors contributing to this job’s popularity are the potential for advancement, the perks, and respect.

What is the salary of an RRB JE?

The RRB has divided the function of a JE into three categories based on the demographics of the place in which they are posted:

–          Class A: Population of at least 50 lakhs.

–          Class B: Population ranges from 5 to 50 lakhs.

–          Class C: Population of fewer than 5 lakh people.

This categorization does not affect the computation of House Rent Allowance (HRA) or any other component of the remuneration. An RRB JE‘s in-hand salary can be computed as follows:

1. JE’s in-hand salary in a class A city

 An RRB JE is renumerated  ₹13,500 for basic pay and ₹38,425 for gross pay after a ₹2,000 discount. A JE in a Class A city may expect to make an average base pay of ₹36,425 per month. Additionally, they receive a dearness allowance of ₹16,875, an HRA of ₹4,050 (30 per cent of base salary), and other monthly benefits totalling ₹4,000 each.

2. JE’s in-hand salary in a class B city

 RRB JE receives a basic salary of ₹13,500 and a total salary of ₹37,075 after a ₹2,000 reduction. A JE in a Class B city may expect to make an average base pay of ₹35,075 per month. Additionally, they receive a dearness allowance of ₹16,875, a housing reimbursement allowance of ₹2,700 (20 per cent of the base income), and various allowances of ₹4,000 monthly.

3. JE’s In-Hand Salary in a Class C City

RRB JE makes a total of  ₹ 35,725 after deducting a 2,000 cut from their base pay of  ₹ 13,500. A Junior Engineer in a Category C city may anticipate receiving a basic salary of about  ₹ 33,725 per month. Additionally, they each receive extra monthly perks totalling  ₹ 4,000, dearness charges of  ₹ 16,875, house rent allowances of  ₹ 1,350 (10 per cent of basic pay), and other allowances. So these are the main three types of railway Je salary employees.

 Benefits and Perks available to RRB JE

A two-year probationary and training term with a monthly payment of  ₹ 34,500 follows your appointment as an RRB JE. You are appointed as JEs and become entitled to the facilities, benefits, and perks afforded to permanent employees after completing the training and a two-year probationary term. House Rent Allowance (HRA), Dearness Allowance, City Compensatory Allowance, Railway Duty Pass, Education Allowances, Travel Allowances, and Medical Allowances are just a few of the perks and advantages offered.

What opportunities exist for promotion for an RRB JE?

Seniority and experience are taken into account while promoting an RRB JE. The frequency of promotions is every five to seven years. An RRB JE’s organised career progression is as follows:

·       senior section engineer

·       assistant divisional engineer

·       divisional engineer

·       senior divisional engineer

Based on their performance and experience, individuals who are currently employed as Junior Engineers will be promoted. Following their advancement, the RRB JE pay will also be raised.


All applicants need to be aware of the allowances and pay perks that they would receive if hired for a post as a junior engineer ( RRB JE) with the Indian Railways. Each year, the level of competition for this test increases due to the number of applications. Candidates should put a lot of effort into their studies to ace the exam and land a job with the Indian Railways.

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