Recently the union cabinet of India approved a much-awaited scheme. The name of this scheme is agnipath. This scheme will give a new horizon to the youth of India. And will make them capable personally and professionally. 

Benefits candidates can get from this scheme

  1. Improvement in traits like discipline, courtesy and model Indian citizen
  2. Financial stability with the help of monetary benefits from the ‘Seva Nidhi’ scheme.
  3. Recognition in society, after the tenure of four years as Agniveers.
  4. Professional stability in the resume with the help of certification.
  5. Honoured with the skills like discipline, military skills and experience, physical fitness, leadership qualities, courage and patriotism
  6. Recognition in society
  7. Stability to future 

Difference between agnipath and agniveer

 The name of this scheme is agnipath and the selected candidate under this scheme is known as agniveer. 

features of the scheme- agnipath

  1. There are more than 46000 posts under this scheme
  2. Qualification for this scheme will be 10th,12th and ITI.
  3. Agniveers will be given an attractive customised monthly package along with Risk and Hardship allowances as applicable in the three services


  1. Under the AGNIPATH scheme, the Agniveers will be enrolled for four years in the Forces under respective Service Acts their rank will be called ‘’distinct rank’’ in the Armed Forces, which is different from the existing ranks in the Armed Forces.
  2. After the completion of four years of services as Agniveers , Under the AGNIPATH scheme. Agniveers will be offered an opportunity to apply for permanent enrolment in the Armed Forces. Now they can choose to continue their service or opt out and serve the nation while being a good citizen. 
  3. If Agniveers opt to be in the service, then further hiring process will be undertaken as per the centralized standard and manner. (To know more about the permanent hiring process, we recommend you to go through our next article.
  4. If Agniveers opt ot of the sevice. Then On the successful completion of the service engagement period of four years, Agniveers will be paid one time ‘Seva Nidhi’ package which will sum up their contribution including accrued interest thereon and contribution from the Government equal to the accumulated amount of their contribution including interest as indicated below:

The ‘Seva Nidhi’ package will be exempt from Income Tax. There shall be no entitlement to gratuity and pensionary benefits. Agniveers will be provided with a non-contributory Life Insurance Cover of Rs 48 lakhs for the duration of their engagement period in the Indian Armed Forces.

YearCustomisedPackage{Monthly)In Hand(70%)Contribution toAgniveer CorpusFund (30%)Contribution tocorpus fund byGoI
All figures in Rs (Monthly Contribution)
1st Year300002100090009000
2nd Year330002310099009900
3rd Year36500255801095010950
4th Year40000280001200012000
Total contribution in Agniveer Corpus Fund after four yearsRs 5.02 LakhRs 5.02 Lakh
ExitAfter 4 YearRs 11.71 Lakh as Seva Nidhi Package(Including, interest accumulated on the above amount as per the applicable interest rates would also be paid)

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