How to Prepare for Northern Railway Examination in Just 1 Month?

Due to the sudden rise in coronavirus cases. The govt has to postpone the Northern Railway exams to avoid interpersonal contact between humans. Therefore the candidates have extra months to prepare for exams.

Once the pandemic is over, the government will again reissue the notification for the exams. This will lead to an increase in the competition level for the exam. The candidate must be aware of preparation tips, patterns, and exam-related stuff. 

Today in this article, we are going to talk about 

  1. What is a northern railway job? 
  2. How to prepare for northern railway in just one month  

What is NTPC northern railway job?

It is one of the most advance and most extensive railway zones in India. It consists of 18 stations of India such as Delhi junction, Anand vihar, Ayodhya, etc. It only zone which connects Jammu to Delhi.

Northern railways zones are considered as most advanced hygienic stations of India. It has BIO toilets, a Cleaning train scheme, Cleaning of pedestrian sites, Drinking water facilities.   

It was also considered as first Indian zone that launched a Wi-Fi facility on stations and trains.

How to prepare for northern railway Exams in 1 month     

According to our study, the students who prepare for govt Exams have more focused the last one month. If the proper technique is followed, the whole exam can be prepared in 1 month. 

Last month northern railway preparation tips 

Prepare the primary subjects of exams. 

All the Govt exams include some common subjects such as general knowledge, English, maths, reasoning. 

The General knowledge Exams are primarily based on the latest news and general awareness about the country. It can be prepared by reading the daily newspaper and watching the news channel.

The candidate should focus on the basics of English. The majority of the questions are asked about grammar. 

Make your study plan 

Time management plays a vital role in the completion of the syllabus. If the time allocation is done wisely will be a great help in preparation. You can divide your time according to the topics of the syllabus.

For the first 15 days, you can cover more extended topics that need more time to focus on covering shorter topics that usually need less time. 

Combat with Stress 

According to the study, the students are more stressed when the exams are coming near. Most commonly, the fear of failure is found in the student. These always fears diverse the mind during the studies. 

Some common technique for keeping your mind on track is 

  1. Meditation – Require a minimum of 5 min to meditate daily. 
  2. Mindful eating
  3. Sleep 

These techniques help to combat stress and maintain self-confidence, which helps to cover your syllabus. 


Learning new things doesn’t help until you remember olds. Some subjects like genal knowledge needed a revision daily. 


Last but not least. As the technology increases, you do not require any paper-pencil coaching institute to prepare for your exams. You Can prepare your exams for online free.

The Government of India soon planning to launch new digital platforms for those students who can not avail of these opportunities.

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