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The essential factors in cracking the RRB JE test are an astounding readiness procedure and troublesome work. Up-and-comers need to have a cautious understanding of both the RRB JE plan and its ensuing test plan for a sound RRB Junior Engineer readiness procedure.

At the point when both the timetable and the test configuration are understood then RRB JE readiness will be a smooth ride. This article will give RRB Junior Engineer planning tips on how each topic of the test can endeavor close to the critical RRB JE books for readiness.

The RRB JE test is conceivably the most serious in the country in light of the chance of getting a chance to work in one of the most prestigious government institutions. A cautious understanding of the outline and test configuration is the principal push toward making a definitive readiness procedure. The other factor that goes into making a readiness philosophy for the RRB JE test is to ensure that negative marking is thwarted or on the other hand, if nothing else that there is a tiny bit of it as could be anticipated and studying from the absolute first second similarly has an effect.


Apply Online

a) Candidates can apply for the informed posts of any one RRB according to their qualification just through ONLINE application mode by visiting the authority site of RRBs recorded at Para 20.0

b) Read all the Information and Instructions definite in the CEN entirely before starting the filling up of the application by clicking the CEN.03/2018 Link on the RRB Website. The competitor should see all information of the CEN accurately to forestall any mix-ups while filling out the application.

c) Scanned Documents in JPEG Format to be kept prepared before filling the application To guarantee quick filling up of utilization by the applicants, they ought to stay the following reports in the advanced structure before logging into the application page.

I. Up-and-comer Photograph in Color: JPEG picture of size 20KB to 50KB

ii. Competitor Signature: JPEG picture of size 10KB to 40KB

iii. SC/ST Certificate (Only for up-and-comers seeking Free Travel Pass): JPEG picture of size 50 to 100KB

d) Check RRB-Wise Vacancies for the capability and Reservation Category of the competitor: The up-and-comers are encouraged to check the post boundary table and opening table in this CEN to ascertain the opportunities told against all RRBs for their capability (Degree/Diploma) and guarantee that the RRB to which they wish to fill in the online application is having an opening for their discipline and the local area/class subject to qualification regarding age and clinical norms.

e) Further for identifying post boundaries and RRB-Wise opening progressively according to their qualification click on the Tabs for post boundary and opportunity table and follow as beneath:

I) Post Parameter:- From the post boundary table applicant can ascertain the post(s) for which he/she is qualified according to the capability, classifications like PwBD, clinical principles, and so on.

ii) Vacancy Table:- To ascertain the exhaustive subtleties of the opening of the relative multitude of posts advised against an RRB for their qualification, the applicant might choose the RRB starting from the drop rundown of RRBs from the search menu and can see the opportunities of the relative multitude of informed posts against different Railways/Units joined to that RRB on selecting the qualification boundaries.

iii) After scrutinizing the opening table, applicants might conclude the RRB for which they wish to apply appropriately ensuring that opportunity exists for their capability and local area/PwBD/ExSM class. When the RRB has been chosen, preliminary enlistment is finished and enrollment number is dispensed, the difference in RRB won’t be allowed for any reason.

iv. Test Group:- If an up-and-comer is qualified for more than one test bunch, He/she needs to select any of them. For other people, the qualified Exam bunch is shown.

v. Put forth boundary/inclinations for posts: If the applicant is qualified for more than one post because of his/her instructive capability and different subtleties outfitted, he/she should lay out the boundary/inclinations for these posts. The rundown of posts (in the picked RRB) for which an up-and-comer is qualified is shown. Likewise, if the picked RRB has opportunities for more than one Railway/Production Unit, then opening for every single such Railway/Production Unit for which an up-and-comer is qualified, will be rattled off. The up-and-comer ought to fill their priority/inclinations number in the textbox against each post that they are qualified for, in the RRB they are applying to.


Consistently RRB discharges notice for the post of JE. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to work in the Railway Department for every one of the up-and-comers who need to begin their vocation in the public authority sector. RRB JE warning will have every one of the subtleties that a competitor should go through before applying. Since RRB initiates staff in its different post which includes Junior Engineer or JE, Junior Engineer (Information Technology) or JE(IT), Depot Material Superintendent or DMS, and Chemical and Metallurgical Assistant or CMA so a competitor ought to ensure for which post he/she is qualified.

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