Which computer course is best for a government job?

Till you are applying for a specific IT job profile in the government sector, I don’t think any High-end Computer Course is required to be applicable for a government job.

When I was researching my topic, I was surprised by the fact that there are a lot of articles which are suggesting various computer courses which are best for government jobs. Such as; The Bachelor in Computer Applications Course, The Course on Computer Concepts, The ADFA (Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting), Basic Computer Course (As an Alternative To CCC), The Data Entry Operator Course, The Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications Course and much more. However, I have a completely different opinion,

No, a computer course is required for the government job. Unless you are applying for a job in the IT sector, however, basic computer knowledge will be icing on the cake and make your path much easier, as we are all aware that we are living and working in the gig economy and everything is digitalizing nowadays. So, let’s talk about some of the basic computer skills you should be aware of. If you are comfortable with these skills, it will be much easier for you to get them.

These are the must-have computer Skills, In today’s digitalized environment.

Ms Word- Ms word is easy and basic, and you can use this as a paperless notebook. Ms excel- learn some bias excel formulas to ease your day-to-day calculation.

Power-Point Presentation-In colleges, we all have given a lot of ppt. So brush up on your skills. A PowerPoint presentation will help you throughout your career.

Good Typing Speed- From typewriter to iPad, we have come a long way. Still, the need to have a good typing speed is there. A good typing speed will help you in all the digital work, whether it is business or personal.

Google Docs- Google docs is not an alternative to Ms word. It is more flexible and versatile as Google word gives you the flexibility to edit a document while it has been shared with teammates.

Zoom/Skype-During the pandemic, when there was no physical activity, interviews and meetings were only due to the zoom and skype calls. Because of all those never-ending sessions during the pandemic, all students and teachers are now experts at conducting zoom classes. And trust me, the usage is not decreased after the pandemic, and the existence of zoom call will stay with us forever. So why not just learn this skill. Start today and conduct your first zoom meeting. Learn how to share a screen and how to send an invitation.

Gmail- Who does not need to access emails? Nowadays, with so many subscriptions, newsletters, online invitations and, to send an official message, one must need access to own email id. Email-id is like a virtual address. And to access email, one should be aware of the usage of the Gmail application. Gmail is the basic application for organizing emails. It’s easy and customer friendly.

Converting JPG/PDF/HEIC Files- Many free applications allow you to change the files from type one to type two. Try out some of those applications.

Increase and decrease Pixels and Dimensions-While we are submitting online forms. There are specific Pixels and Dimensions required, so for that purpose, one should know how to change them as per the requirement.

Digital Signature- Create your digital signature to sign a document virtually.

I tried my best to accumulate all the necessary basic computer skills; however, as we live in an everchanging environment and daily new software and application have been launched. So, I suggest you keep a close eye on the trends and keep yourself updated with the latest technology.

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