Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test(REET) Latest Vacancies 2021

After a long wait of 2 years finally, the senior secondary board has invited the potential candidate to fill 31000 vacancies. Due to the pandemic, the date of the reet exam 2021 is postponed from 25th April  2021 to 20th June 2021. 

As new covid 19 cases are regularly increasing the government of Rajasthan decided to conduct the Exam online.

Today in this article we are going to discuss 

  1. What is REET Exam??
  2. Benefits of reet exam 2021
  3. How to Apply for reet vacancy 2021 

Definition of Reet??

The Exam was conducted by the senior secondary board for recruiting teachers in government schools. The Full form REET is the Rajasthan eligibility examination for teachers. 

Usually, it is conducted in two-level 

  1. Primary 
  2. Secondary 

1. Primary level

It includes the two types of teacher 3rd-grade teacher and 2nd teacher.  A second-grade teacher usually teaches the students who Are 4th or 5th class. 

 The third-grade teacher gives the basic level of knowledge for every subject such as science, maths, Hindi, English. 

The Second-grade teachers teach students from 4th to 6th class. 

2. Secondary level teachers 

It includes the first-grade teacher who is specialized in their particular subjects. These teach the student who belongs from class 6th to 12th. 

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Benefits of Reet Exam 2021

 Key benefits of REET exam 2021

  1. Payment/ Salary 
  2. Allowances 
  3. Promotion or career opportunities

Payment And salary 

According to the government of Rajasthan, the expected salary for a teacher is Rs 23,700. It is the basic pay given to the level 3 teacher after their probation period. 

 As per the 7th pay commission the salary will be given to grade 3 teacher in 3 stage 

  1. Entry payment 
  2. Full salary 
  3. Grade pay 
  1. Entry payment 

 The payment will be given at the time of a probation period. It will be at the starting point of your grade pay. As with the increasing age of the employee, the entry pay also gets increased.

2.  Full salary in hand 

The total salary of an employee 23700(11360+2800+allowence). The payslip of 11,360 will be allotted to the employees. The employees start their salary after the probation period ends. 

The payment will be done at the end of each month. After considering his attendance and services given to those students.

 As the post of the teacher shifted upwards his Salary + allowances + grade pay will also increase.

3. Grade pay 

 Bonus is given to each employee with a salary at the end of each month? The basic grade pay is 2800 with salary. It increases with the promotion of a teacher.

  1. Allowance 

 Is factor is an additional benefit given to an employee with its salary. The basic allowance which is provided to the reet teachers are 

  • Dearness allowance
  • Traveling 
  • Bonus
  • Living allowance 
  • Health allowance 
  1. Promotion or career opportunities

The government always opted for having a secure career in the future. In the reet, there are many opportunities for gaining good career and promotions. 

        The promotion level is described as 

           Post                     salary 

           Grade 1               44300

                ↑                ↑

         Grade 2                 37800

                ↑                 ↑

          Grade 3                 23700

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How to Apply for REET Vacancy 2021 

For Applying the REET vacancy 2021 the candidate need to follow 

  1. Fill and submit the Application form online with a copy of relevant detail. The detail should be correctly fill in the form.

  The details that are required are Id proof,10th and 12th mark sheet, PhD in the subject degree.

  1. The Admit will be generated with the detail within a week after submitting the form
  2. The candidate has to carry the admit card to the nearest examination hall. Then he will be allowed to sit for the exam
  3. After passing the exam the candidate has to sit in the interview process 
  4. Once the candidate got selected he has to go for his probation period for 2 years.
  5. After completing the probation program the candidate will get a job offer.


The qualification needed for REET vacancy 2021

  1. Primary teacher 

At least passed by 50% in 10th and 12th Examination. 4 years bachelor degree is necessary. Even candidates have to pass a 2 years diploma course in elementary subjects.

  1. Secondary teacher At least passed by 50% in 10th and 12th Examination. 4 years bachelor degree is necessary. Even candidates have to pass a 4 years diploma course in elementary subjects.

Tips and tricks to prepare for Reet Exam 2021

During your school times, you might also face the fear of examination. This is common to have a fear of covering the syllabus.  Until and you don’t get  the right trick and tips for reet Exam 2021 this fear might not leave you 

  1.  Concentration and dedication

 For any competitive exam, mental health is an important issue to be raised in front of the world. More than 50% of psychological disorders occur due to competitive exams. It’s important to take less stress and concentrate on your syllabus.

 Here are some technique to reduce your stress level

  1. Meditation 
  2. Mindful eating 
  3. Listening good things 

Using these techniques will not lead your mind towards distraction and help you in preparation for reet exam 2021

2. Prioritizing topic

  As the exam came near most of the people have a fear of covering the syllabus.  By allotting equal time to the topic can help you to cover the syllabus timely.

The time slot and the topic should be prioritized according to the number of days remaining for the exam. If you have a longer period than you prioritized those topics which is hard and time taking.

If you have a limited period then you should prioritize the important topics for the exam. These techniques will help you reduce your stress regarding your exam.

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3. Help from previous year questions paper

This reminds me of my school board times examination. Because before the board examination we always use to take help from the previous year’s questionnaire. 

This type of questionnaire usually helps to give an idea about the questions that will ask in the exam.  During the time of exam, it proves a great help to the students appears for exams.

  1. Notes 

 Making the notes of the topics always reduces the time of revision. Making the good can lead a step toward good performance in exams. 

 Because notes always leave an impact on the mind and help you remember the topics for a longer period.

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