Posts in SSC GD Constable – Which is the Best? Detailed Explanation

Hello, all SSC GD Constable aspirants! So, there’re lots of queries about the best post in SSC GD Constable. All the posts in SSC GD Constable are constable mainly, but you can say which is best among all the Paramilitary forces instead of which is the best post in SSC GD, as every force has its own special significance and works accordingly. But people prefer CISF the most.  Usually, women don’t prefer the SSC GD Constable post as GD constables are posted in the border area; but besides this, those who’re passionate about serving their mother nation and getting a uniform job, do this work willingly. Surprisingly, the number of female candidates increased in the exam, these days.

The major responsibilities of a selected candidate are the safety and security of the nation and its living citizens. SSC GD Constable is responsible to take over, maintain and supervise all the duties in the absence of a Sub-inspector or an Assistant Sub-inspector.

According to official information, the First Promotion is the head constable after 8 years, then Senior Constable and if you pass departmental examinations and work well you can reach to Assistant/ Sub-Inspector or Inspector post. Food Allowances 4,000; Field and Security allowances increase up to 25,000. Salary depends on upon place of posting or slightly differs in various regions. The in-hand salary of an SSC GD Constable is Rs. 23527 but the in-hand salary comes with various allowances such as house rent allowance(Rs.2538), transport allowance (Rs.1224), dearness allowance(Rs.434), etc. The basic salary of an SSC GD Constable is Rs. 21700.

There are various posts under SSC GD Constable. The summarized job profile

SSC GD Constable under various Security forces is mentioned below:

SSC GD Constable PostsMajor roles
BSFResponsibility to promote, cover and protect the citizens living on the border of Indo-Pakistan and Indo-Bangladesh. To prevent any kind of trespassing or unauthorized entry into/exit from the territory of India. Prevention of smuggling and any other illegal activities on the Border. Have Anti-infiltration duties and securely collect trans-border intelligence.
ITBPTo protect and preserve India and China border (from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh) from any disturbance and violence and maintain peace.  Vigilance on the northern borders. Keep an all-time check on illegal immigration and trans-border smuggling as well as provide security to sensitive installations and threatened VIPs.
CISFTo provide security to PSUs, at Delhi Metro, and other important infrastructures. To be secure and be in charge of all commercial Indian airports. To provide protection, safety, and security to Government infrastructure projects Industrial installations/undertakings, and fire hazards.
SSBTo prevent and monitor cross-border crimes and illegal activities. Protection of the Indo–Bhutan, and Indo–Nepal borders. 
CRPFTo protect the internal security of India, operate abroad as part of the UN peacekeeping missions and Indian Peace Keeping Force. Provide VIP security during election duties and Play as guarding the vital installations and looking after counter-Naxal operations.
Assam RiflesWorking with the Army and providing internal security, and immediate aid (in times of emergency) under the conduct of counter-insurgency and border security operations. Providing communications, and education in remote areas as well as working as a combat force and securing rear areas in wartime.
SSFTo maintain the internal discipline, entry of vehicles and parking; protection, regulation of Secretariat property/ premises.


Now, it all depends on you which Force you want to join. so if you got any chance to serve your mother country you should serve, whichever force it is. There is no best post in patriotism work, all position in this work is great. If you do your best, then all work will be best for you. 

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