How to Prepare for SSC GD Exam in Just Two Months?

The staff selection committee will soon release the notification for general duty officers in the Indian police force.  General Duty officer also known as SSG GD is considered an important post in the Indian Army and police. 

These officers are considered as the rifleman recruited as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Last year 1 lakh students applied for the general duty officer only 31000 got selected for the job.

As the article moves forwards we will cover the topics such as 

  1. What is the SSC gd exam??
  2. Importance of general duty officer in govt job
  3. How to prepare for the SSC gd exam in just 2 months?

What is the SSC GD Exam ??

 Every year ministry home affairs invite the millions of Indian who want to apply for general duty officer after the 10th class.  These officers are recruited by the Staff selection committee of India.  

The General duty officer is known as the rifleman. These riflemen can be posted in border security forces, Cental police reserve forces, Secretariat security forces, Government offices, 

National investigation Agencies.

Duty of General duty officer 

All these officers provide great help to the Indian army and police force of India. These officers have to provide on-field help to the army and police.

  1. They have to guard the ammunition used by Army and police 
  2. These officers Are used to give technical assistance to the police and army 
  3. These officers perform their best duties in the Sea, air, and land.

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Types general duty officer 

Radio operators 

Are those who posted on the borders of the Indian army. These officers help to pass the live message from the border to the headquarters of the Indian army. 

These operators Are used to set the transmitter frequencies. So that it becomes easy to communicate with others. 

These radio operators play an important role during war times to communicate with ship or airforces, soldiers.

During 26/11 Mumbai police radio operators have played an important role in communication from one place to another 

Technical Officers 

These officers are hired by the home ministry to give technical support to the Army and police. They perform the following task such as 

  1. Maintenance of Armed equipment such as helicopter, Ships, Submarines, war machines 
  2. Cybersecurity 
  3. Making of army weapons 
  4. Providing Assistance to army and police 

Pilot Officers 

These officers perform duty on the ground in Indian air force space. They are hired for maintaining the Aircraft carrier and radars of the army.

These officers belong to the engineering department of Indian air space. 

Preparation Tips for the General duty officers 

The SSC group conduct the Exams annually to hire the general duty officer in different field of the country. There lakh of students who appear for an examination for the Indian army or police force.

After reading the article, many people have doubts regarding the preparation of Exams in just 2 months. If you have this question then yes it is possible to prepare for this exam in just 2 months. 

You need to know the right tips for preparation to achieve a successful full career.

Last 2 months for preparing tips for the SSC GD Exam.

If you follow the right strategy for preparation. Then yes you might clear the exam in 2 months 


It is also an important part of physical fitness. For getting the Selection job you need to run for 5km in just 60 min. If you start practicing 2 months before the Selection can increase your chance of getting Selected. 

For the first 10 days, just 400 meters track and jog another lap for 400 m. After 10 days try to cover both laps in running for the next 5 days. This will increase your stamina.

For the next 15 days, you can do 1 km running in just 60 min. First, 10 days you can 90 min to cover 1 km next 5 days try to reduce the timing  5min/each day 

Then For the next quarter, you start chasing for 2 km each day in 60 min. First 10 days you can chase 2 km in 90 min.  In the remaining, 5 days try to reduce the timing to 60 min.

Fourth-quarter you can start chasing for a 5 km run in 60 min. These 15 days you can practice to increase the stamina for running.

General reasoning: 

Apart from your studies paper, there is always a Gk quiz is conducted by the army. This paper consists of general awareness about the country and politics. The questions are mainly asked from the news or newspaper.  

Reading a newspaper or watching the news can help you to clear your paper.

Segregate your syllabus:

Segregation makes it easy to cover the whole syllabus. Since you have enough for preparation of your syllabus you can divide your syllabus according to the time. 

By this method, you can segregate your syllabus into 4 parts. First should cover the long topics, and allot the first 15 days to each part.

Make notes:  

The Important which you mark during covering your syllabus can help you to invest less time in revision.

By using these techniques you can archive your goal and make a path towards success.

SSC GD Exam Preparation Conclusion 

Some important subjects common in each exam are English, General reasoning, math,s or General knowledge. These subjects have a higher weightage in the examination.

General knowledge25
Intelligence and reasoning 25

The Exam may be different for Army, police depending on their needs and want. But these four subjects are common in each exam.

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